One Degree of Separation (www.ODOSTravel.com) Travel and Events, saw a niche and recognized a need in the African American Community, to create one stop shopping venue, making it easier to obtain resources and information on the travel experience some African Americans only dream of or deem impossible. We link diverse travel agents, travel consultants and exciting travel destinations.

We provide a platform empowering diverse consumers to learn to travel on a dime, find the great and attractive travel destinations, identify what local groups are travelling, what travel vendors have good rates, and how to find great airfare accommodations.

You tired of sitting at home alone? You want to make new connections? You want to meet new people? You want to travel with a group? You want to travel alone but need some consultation, and expertise and you want to speak to an expert that has done it? You want to learn to travel and blog your journeys and how to get started from a more experienced professional? You want to learn about the African Caribbean Diaspora? You want to learn about Black Historical contributions made in other countries?

You can do it with ODOS, National Black Travel Expo, and affiliates. Life is fleeting and stressful, learn to have that ultimate experience and schedule it around your stressful work life. Take time for you! Raise your consciousness and awareness about the world.

ODOS and National Black Travel Expo is inclusive and open to everyone. Though it is important to understand the mainstream travel industry has failed to target the African American Market. This is a platform to focus on Black and Brown expertise that has the hands own travel experience and knowledge domestically and around the world!

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Our Mission

To encourage and curate travel experience, events, and community education that matches the needs of the Black community.


About Our Founder

Ms. Lisa A. Riley, founder of ODOS, recognized the lack of diversity and inclusion in the mainstream

travel industry and sees a need for us to leverage the buying power of African American. In July of 2017,our founder was bitten by the travel bug while organizing a group travel to France and England.

She was going to stop at organizing groups, but realized the market demand, and the need to educate people on travel resources and the need to change the perception many have of Black travel.

Ms. Riley previously, a Technical Recruiting Consultant with 17 years in a fortune 500 Silicon Valley corporation hiring for federal government contracts such as NASA, FBI, CDC, Department of Energy, Antarctica Research Projects. Prior to that she was employed by The Council on Aging of Santa Clara County as a Program Director over the Health Insurance Advocacy Program managing over 20 counseling sites, and conducting seminars, and events throughout the county for many years.

After leaving corporate america, Ms. Riley had an opportunity to live her passion and dream, from encouragement and mentor support in her community. She is extremely passionate about travel, though  she is not a travel agent, she plans to encourage others to travel by creating the travel experience dreams of creating the travel experience, enjoys leading women’s travel groups, and creating opportunity to explore the African Diaspora. The exposure to diverse and cultural experiences in conjunction to her decades of professional community involvement lead Ms. Riley to found ODOS.


The African Americans growth in travel culture is sadly invisible by the mainstream travel media and market. With the significant increase in travel sales,entrepreneurial multilevel marketing, direct sales travel, cruising, and thousands of independent travel agents, it is imperative we attempt to pour our dollars into our community.

Also the more knowledgeable we become about the world, the more empowered we become as a people.

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