Feedback from Black Pairs Trip 2017 w/Lisa Riley’s Travel Group

Feedback from Black Pairs Trip 2017 w/Lisa Riley’s Travel Group

I found out about the trip through my very good friend Farida Miller back in 2016.  This was our first trip to Europe and we were looking forward to seeing Paris and learning more about the contributions African American and others of African origin made to Paris.  The trip was everything I had hoped for.  The travel arrangements were very organized and professional.

I loved that my entire trip was paid for when I landed in Paris, which included my transportation, hotel, fine dining, and tours.  Farida and I made our own airline arrangements.  We were lucky enough to have a view of the Eiffel Tower every night from our hotel window.  The location of the hotel was also very convenient.  We could walk to shopping, dining and the Eiffel tower.

Lisa arranged excellent and informative tours for us.  I think my favorite experience was the Black Paris Tour – our cruise on the Seine on Bastille Day was absolutely fabulous.  Touring the streets of Paris requires a lot of walking so I think in the future this should be emphasized to future tour guests.  All things said Lisa Riley and her team did a tremendous job making my first trip to Paris a memorable one and I would love to tour with her again on a future trip.  When I returned to the states I told everyone I knew about the Black Paris Tour and one co-worker actually took it when she was in Paris the following August 2017….and loved it.  – Charice Duckworth

I’ve been blessed to travel to Europe several times in my life with my spouse. I have never been keen on travel groups with organized tours. I decided to join the Black Paris Tour group last summer. I can honestly say it was by far the most exciting trip I’ve taken to Paris to date! Going with a group of exceptional women, learning about European black culture, witnessing historical places with a sisterhood of women made me proud and humble. Thank you Lisa for organizing such a wonderful, memorable experience. You have a true calling.  -Velda Sorrentino

The Black Paris experience stays with me as I “walk” through this life! As I endeavor to have the best “walk” possible in an effort to be a beacon those who follow and honor those who came before me!

The lessons were unforgettable from our African artisans with the ironwork to the African-American woman who forged the dime! Love our history in Paris!

The experience was so memorable with our traveling companions sharing their personal journeys which allowed us to connect and appreciate each other’s stories and beauty!    -Cynthia May-Curry

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  1. Great Experience in Paris. Great group of woman! Great Fun! Go Lisa Go! I had an amazing first experience in Paris and I did it with a wonderful group of woman and we all got along with one another. We saw the town. We went all over and learned a lot about the Black History of Paris. A must go and check out Ms Lisa she will take great care of you.

    Shawannah Bordenave
    Author of: Name It, Claim It and Get It!

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